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Chinese cuisine - delivery in Kiev

Chinese cuisine in Kiev with delivery?

Chinabox is an online restaurant that specializes in Chinese and Asian food and has its own food delivery service in the city of Kyiv.

For many years, we have studied the tastes and preferences of our customers in order to create a menu of Chinese dishes that will best satisfy the taste preferences of our customers. Therefore, despite the fact that Chinabox positions itself as a Chinese restaurant, you can also find Asian and even European dishes on the menu. This is due to the fact that we are always open to your wishes and are ready to expand the range according to your requests.

Also, at the request of our customers, we have opened a food delivery service in Kiev and now we work as a ready-made food delivery. Here you can order food at home or order the delivery of Chinese food to the office in Kyiv. We also offer the service of delivery of ready-made food for your holiday or birthday – you can choose Chinese dishes or any other from the menu according to your preferences, and we will pack your order in branded boxes and bring it as soon as possible. Thus, delicious food will come to you with delivery according to your preferences and without unnecessary hassle on your part

You can always order food from our manager by phone or on the website. Payment for food delivery is made online or to the courier after delivery. Food is delivered in a convenient box, with cutlery and napkins, so you can safely enjoy your lunch wherever you are

Chinese cuisine – features

  • The main advantage of Chinese cuisine is that only fresh products are used for cooking. This allows you to preserve the maximum benefits and taste in the products
  • Chinese food does not use salt. Soy sauce is used to prepare Chinese cuisine
  • Chinese cuisine is a kind of masterpiece where products that at first glance seem completely incompatible to you are strictly combined. That is why when you have a question: where to order Chinese food? It is better to use delivery from Chinese restaurants where aces in their field work.
  • Chinese dishes are very bright in color, this is due to the philosophy of color. The Chinese believe that different colors have different effects on the functioning of the body. For example, green products give people cheerfulness, yellow – calmness, blue – strength, and red – activity and energy.
  • The serving of dishes differs from the European one: first cold appetizers are served, then hot dishes, rice, and finally soup is served. Instead of bread, rice is served, which is recommended to be eaten along with hot dishes. Most Common Chinese Food: Fried Rice, Udon Noodles, Chinese Soup
  • As for the delivery of dishes in boxes, this idea did not originate in China, it was invented by the Americans at the beginning of the 20th century, borrowing the idea of origami from the Chinese. And only later, the tradition of delivering Chinese food in boxes spread to the whole world

Asian cuisine features

  • Asian dishes are prepared very quickly, this ensures the preservation of nutrients in products and fuel savings, which are traditionally lacking in many Asian countries.
  • A wok is more often used for cooking. This pan has thin walls, so it heats up quickly and evenly, and allows you to cook quickly and with almost no fat. Almost all dishes are prepared in the wok, including soups. Even Thai soups such as tom yum, ramen and miso soup are cooked in a wok
  • In Asian restaurants, chefs adhere to the ratio of meat (fish, seafood) to vegetables, which should be 1:3.
  • Sugar is generously added to Asian dishes. Sugar enhances the flavor by complementing and softening the pungency or acidity.
  • Asian food delivery is also carried out in boxes

Thai cuisine features

  • Thai cuisine was formed under the influence of the traditions of Chinese and Asian cultures. In each dish, you’ll recognize hints of these culinary traditions, which are combined with local ingredients and cooking techniques.
  • Thai dishes – served on a green pillow of fresh lettuce leaves – this gives the dishes a special aesthetic charm.
  • Thai food is the art of cooking, here every chef is a creator. In Thai cuisine, there are no recipes with strict instructions on the proportions of ingredients, so each dish is prepared with a bit of imagination and inspiration.

Chinese boxed food is the perfect choice for a quick snack at the office or a light dinner at home. Sometimes we just get so tired at work that we don’t have the energy to cook dinner at home. In this case, the delivery of ready-made delicious food will save you from the need to stand at the stove all evening, sacrificing your personal time and communication with loved ones.

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